How long does it take to obtain a building permit in the Czech Republic? Not years, but months, shows survey by ČKAIT

The latest survey of the Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers and Technicians (ČKAIT) showed that the actual length of a building permit or zoning decision in the Czech Republic does not take several years, but for example for apartment buildings the average decision is made in 5 months, the same applies to their building permits. The joint planning and building permit procedure takes half a year, and the median time is only 3 months. The longest permitting process is for tunnel constructions (almost a year), the shortest for warehouses or parking houses (4.5 months) in the case of joint permitting. Almost 1,100 CKAIT members cited non-unified procedures of authorities and building authorities, conflicting requirements for monument protection and the environment, or unresolved property relations as the main problems.


The Czech industrial space market is expected to grow this year

Decline in rental capacity of automotive companies. Impact of the downturn in heavy industry. Slight but steady decline in e-commerce. High competition from Poland and unfulfilled expectations for the arrival of workers from Ukraine. And a continuing wave of subletting and vacancies even in traditionally most attractive locations. The main analytical outputs based on the results of the Czech industrial space market in the last quarter of last year do not offer much reason for optimism. According to real estate consultancy 108 REAL ESTATE, the opposite is true: the market is starting to revive at the level of developer construction and tenant demand, responding, among other things, to the growing demand for chips. It is being positively affected by falling interest rates and indications of gradually increasing demand from households and businesses.