About the SKLADUJ.cz project


The portal was launched by Logio in January of the year 2006 and was meant for logistics operators and owners of warehouses and warehouse and logistics complexes. Logio’s knowledge of Logistics and its orientation on the market enabled it to react rapidly to the client’s demands and to identifysuitable localities, spaces and partners and the portal quickly gained a position on the market. Over the 7 years of its operations the SKLADUJ.cz server has helped to fill a lot of empty space, thereby satisfying the demand of the end users.

In 2013, the company Logio came to an agreement with 108 AGENCY to take over the administration of the portal, so that it could fully concentrate on its main activity – the optimisation of warehouse stock and processes tailored to the customers. Both of the companies will continue to cooperate closely and thus they will be able to provide their clients comprehensive solutions according to their needs.

108 AGENCY was established in 2009 as a small real estate agency concentrating exclusively on commercial, specifically industrial property. Thanks to its proactive approach, it very quickly expanded its activities to other segments and today it offers comprehensive services to both property owners, as well as to parties interested in leasing or buying real estate.

We believe that this connection will bring, in the future, further improvements to the scope and quality of the services provided, especially for you, our customers.


The server is meant for the presentation of warehouses, manufacturing space, land, warehouse complexes, services for logistics operators, owners of warehouses and warehouse complexes and professional real estate agencies and agents.

The main content is a catalogue, which is divided according to localities (regions) and the type of property. All of the advertisers have an online tool to edit their offers, which guarantees that the information is as up to date as possible. Those interested in spaces simply look for a suitable property in their preferred locality and then they can contact the provider of the services or the lease of its direct representative directly. Or they can contact a SKLADUJ.cz consultant, discuss their requirements with him and have a summary of suitable tailor-made opportunities prepared.

Other supplementary services include consultation in the segment of commercial real estate, market analyses, marketing services, as well as consultation on the optimal outfitting of the warehouse with storage technologies, handling machinery, the optimisation of the stock flows, stock management software, etc. For advertisers we also offer free consultation on the most suitable future developments of the warehouse from the perspective of the effective use of the entire warehouse complex.

Provider of the portal

108 REAL ESTATE a.s. Na Poříčí 1079/3a, Prague 1, Czech Republic www.108realestate.cz tel. +420 721 733 733