CPI Podhorský park - rental of warehouse and production space

Ústí nad LabemOffer No. MH-0271

On the basis of direct assignment of the owner (you do not pay commission) we offer warehouse rental in Ústí nad Labem suitable for storage or light production. The warehouse is located in an industrial area directly on the D8 direction Ústí nad Labem. 

Price on Request


PP73,000–105,073 sq. m.10 m12+ months
PP23,000–18,416 sq. m.14.5 m12+ months
PP103,000–6,196 sq. m.7 m6–12 months
PP113,000–6,196 sq. m.7 m6–12 months
PP13,000–24,010 sq. m.10.5 m6–12 months
PP33,000–9,668 sq. m.14.5 m12+ months
PP43,000–10,580 sq. m.14.5 m12+ months
PP53,000–52,520 sq. m.14.5 m12+ months
PP63,000–13,162 sq. m.14.5 m12+ months
Available within 6 months
Available from 6 months
245,821 sq. m.
Total Area
245,821 sq. m.

Building PP10 - 6 179 m2

- available Q1/2023 

Building PP11 - 6 175 m2

- available Q1/2023


  • load capacity 5t/m2
  • clear height 10 m
  • column grid 12/24 m
  • led lighting
  • hydraulic bridges and direct entrances
  • offices, sanitary facilities according to client's requirements
  • sufficient handling and parking areas at the building
  • sprinklers
  • LED lighting


  • 93 km from Prague, with excellent connection to the D8, one hour from the German border

Additional Information

Ústí nad Labem
Suitable for
For Production, For Warehouse


A (Logistics)
7–14.5 m
Load Capacity
5 t/sq. m.
Direct Access, Ramp / Bridge

About the Region

Ústí nad Labem Region

Ústí region is a medium size region with strategic location, as it is located on an important traffic artery connecting Prague and Dresden and is adjacent to German Saxony. Ústí region is best known for its heavy industry mainly for mining and chemical industry. There are a large number of industrial zones on the territory of the region. The Triangle Strategic Industrial Zone and the Joseph Strategic Industrial Zone can be considered the largest in terms of area and number of investors. In the territory of the Ústí Region, there are also important deposits of Lithium, which will be key for the development of electromobility.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
760,465 sq. m.
Under Construction
45,876 sq. m.
Future Construction
784,153 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
161,264 sq. m.

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