P3 Prague Horní Počernice - Lease of warehouse and production space

PragueOffer No. MH-61

We offer for rent a modern warehouse unit, suitable for retail. The unit is of a high standard. Can be customized according to the needs of the tenants. The industrial area is located in Horní Počernice. You do not pay commission.

Price on Request


VI247–788 sq. m.10 m
N644–4,284 sq. m.10 m
C4754–9,299 sq. m.10 m
A41,024–3,092 sq. m.10 m
H21,074–7,449 sq. m.10 m
D21,104–25,205 sq. m.10 m
D11,200 sq. m.10 mImmediately to 6 months
D11,276–27,542 sq. m.10 m
II1,393–6,025 sq. m.10 m
L1,440–5,079 sq. m.10 m
C21,464 sq. m.10 m
F1,617–18,903 sq. m.10 m
I11,651–5,513 sq. m.10 m
J1,723 sq. m.10 m
I2,095–4,357 sq. m.10 m
I3-I42,099–7,480 sq. m.10 m
M2,240–17,115 sq. m.10 m
A52,681 sq. m.10 m
H12,798–8,278 sq. m.10 m
C12,883–10,950 sq. m.10 m
A22,949 sq. m.3.5 m
B13,000–12,694 sq. m.10 m
B33,000–12,639 sq. m.10 m
A13,000–5,131 sq. m.3.5 m
C33,000–9,806 sq. m.10 m
E3,000–9,559 sq. m.10 m
I23,000–4,033 sq. m.10 m
K3,000–3,951 sq. m.10 m
V3,000–52,301 sq. m.10 m
IV3,000–8,806 sq. m.10 m
VII3,000–7,294 sq. m.10 m
A33,000–6,358 sq. m.10 m
IX3,000–12,699 sq. m.10 m
B23,000–12,695 sq. m.10 m
X3,000–12,656 sq. m.10 m
III3,000–3,601 sq. m.10 m
VIII3,000–11,002 sq. m.10 m
B43,000–15,034 sq. m.10 m
Available within 6 months
1,200 sq. m.
Available from 6 months
Total Area
405,305 sq. m.


  • 1x direct entrance
  • 5x loading ramp
  • Clear storage height 10 m
  • Floor load capacity 5 t/m2
  • Column module: 24×12 m


  • The site is located in an established industrial zone in Horní Počernice
  • close to the Černý Most (Black Bridge), directly on the exit from the D10 motorway - exit 3
  • with good accessibility to the Prague ring road and the centre of Prague
  • There are 8 public transport stops from the Černý most metro stop (10 min). Alternatively, take the S3 line from Masaryk railway station

Additional Information



A (Logistics), B
3.5–10 m
Load Capacity
5 t/sq. m.
Direct Access, Ramp / Bridge

About the Region

Prague Region

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is the country's largest city and an important cultural and economic center. It contributes a significant portion of the nation's GDP and boasts a rich historical and architectural heritage. It is the largest market for retail, e-commerce, and fast-moving consumer goods companies. This creates demand for various kinds of industrial premises - small business units and large big boxes alike. Significant portion of country's stock of modern industrial premises - around 2.9 mil. sq m is situated around the capital within the greater Prague region.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
495,913 sq. m.
Under Construction
2,000 sq. m.
Future Construction
Available Spaces for Lease
8,700 sq. m.

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