VGP Park Olomouc - Lease of warehouse and production space

OlomoucOffer No. MOR-021

On the basis of the direct assignment of the owner (you do not pay commission), we offer you for rent modern warehouse or production units in the industrial zone Hněvotín. The size of the park is almost 479,725 m2 - including the possibility of customized construction.

Price on Request


D2,160 sq. m.10 m
Volvo Trucks Building2,294 sq. m.10 m
C2,619–10,368 sq. m.10 m
L3,000–11,664 sq. m.10 m
K3,000–3,456 sq. m.10 m
G13,000–11,253 sq. m.10 m
G23,000–8,200 sq. m.10 mImmediately to 6 months
G23,000–11,160 sq. m.10 m
J3,000–14,043 sq. m.10 m
I3,000–4,819 sq. m.10 mImmediately to 6 months
I3,000–22,109 sq. m.10 m
H3,000–8,413 sq. m.10 mImmediately to 6 months
H3,000–5,411 sq. m.10 m
F13,000–25,000 sq. m.12.5 m
B3,000–10,426 sq. m.10 m
A3,000–5,640 sq. m.10 m
M3,000–8,240 sq. m.10 m
E3,000–3,700 sq. m.10 m6–12 months
F23,000–39,000 sq. m.10 m
Available within 6 months
21,432 sq. m.
Available from 6 months
3,700 sq. m.
Total Area
202,892 sq. m.


  • High standard of design with the latest standards
  • Hall is tempered
  • EPS, EHS security
  • Office facilities can be custom built


  • In close proximity to the city of Olomouc
  • Exit 37 of the R46 expressway
  • Direction to Brno, Ostrava and Hradec Kralove
  • Well accessible by public transport

Additional Information

Suitable for
For Production, For Retail, For Warehouse


A (Logistics), A (Plus), A (Others)
10–12.5 m
Load Capacity
5 t/sq. m.
Direct Access, Ramp / Bridge

About the Region

Olomouc region

The Olomouc Region is located in the central part of Moravia and extends into its northern part, and is an industrial area with developed services. A number of traditional industrial enterprises operate in the Olomouc region. Agricultural production is followed by a number of food enterprises, other branches of industry include the development of machine production, the industry of optics and electrical equipment, and the production of metalworking and transport means and equipment. Olomouc and nearby Přerov are important railway hubs, the dense railway network runs evenly throughout the entire territory of the region. Worth mentioning is the industrial park in Kojetín built for Amazon, which has been operating a robotic distribution center here since June 2023. The material used for the construction of the center was brought here by railway, which made the construction environmentally friendly.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
467,545 sq. m.
Under Construction
35,007 sq. m.
Future Construction
188,739 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
121,857 sq. m.

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