Rent of warehouse and production space - Červený Kostelec

NáchodOffer No. JS-744

On the basis of direct authorization of the owner (you do not pay commission) we offer you rental of warehouse space in the industrial park Červený Kostelec

Price on Request


Hall A4,500 sq. m.12 m12+ months
Available within 6 months
Available from 6 months
4,500 sq. m.
Total Area
4,500 sq. m.


- warehouse area of 5.000 m2

available at the turn of 2022/2023


- floor load capacity 8t/m2

- clear height 12 m

- 3x ramps with hydraulic bridges

- 2x entrance from floor level 

- administrative and social facilities

- the area is accessible 24/7 including truck transport

- outdoor handling areas for unloading and loading

- utilities (sewerage, water supply, electricity, gas)

- the area is fenced and guarded


- close to the city of Náchod

- 10 km from main road 33/E67, Náchod/state border PL

- 20 km from the future D11 motorway/state border PL

- excellent accessibility for employees by train and car

Delivery 12 to 18 months after signing the contract

Additional Information



A (Plus)
12 m
Direct Access, Ramp / Bridge

About the Region

Hradec Králové region

The Hradec Králové Region has a high-quality workforce that is based on an industrial tradition. Among the important processing industries are primarily the textile industry, engineering, food and beverage production, metalworking, rubber and plastic industries, and the region is home to companies and enterprises of national significance. A more pronounced orientation towards light industry has led to the fact that the local industrial base consists mostly of small and medium-sized companies.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
142,717 sq. m.
Under Construction
6,500 sq. m.
Future Construction
84,390 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
18,638 sq. m.

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