For rent: CTZone Brno

Brno-městoOffer No. MOR-122

Price on Request


B7293 sq. m.6 mImmediately to 6 months
B3375 sq. m.6 mImmediately to 6 months
A11,139 sq. m.10 mImmediately to 6 months
Available within 6 months
1,807 sq. m.
Available from 6 months
Total Area
30,892 sq. m.

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We offer to rent a modern warehouse-business or production area in an established commercial zone in the center of Brno. These are flexible units that can be combined - rented units side by side or behind each other.

Each unit has a warehouse area of 300 m2 (height 7 m, heated, entrance door 2.9 x 3.9 m) administrative area about 100 m2 - offices, showroom, tailor-made shop and about 80 m2 of social facilities . The unit has 5 parking spaces.

From 09/10 2019, a newly-built hall with units of 474 m2, 647 m2, 660 m2 and 948 m2 will be available in the park. You can also rent separate offices from approx. 100 m2 to 270 m2.

We will prepare a specific offer for the tenants after a personal inspection of the premises.

Additional Information



A (Others), B
6–10 m
Load Capacity
5 t/sq. m.
Direct Access, Ramp / Bridge

About the Region

South Moravian Region

South Moravia excels in innovative business, research, and development. Brno, the capital city of Moravia, is a hub of potential with its twelve universities, many successful companies and infrastructure. The region is particularly strong in progressive research in biology and medicine, supported by advanced scientific research centers like CEITEC and the ICRC. Brno has gained recognition as the "Czech Silicon Valley," particularly in the field of IT. Additionally, the region benefits from a collaborative relationship between universities, scientific centers, entrepreneurs, and public institutions, leading to enhanced competitiveness. It is the third largest region in terms of the number of industrial premises for lease.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
996,803 sq. m.
Under Construction
92,706 sq. m.
Future Construction
217,585 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
133,436 sq. m.

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