Storage space with services Bujanov near Český Krumlov.

Český KrumlovOffer No. LOG-02885

Price on Request

We offer to rent a warehouse with logistics services Bujanov near Český Krumlov.

Technical parameters:

- Clear height 10m
- floor load 5t/m2
- space divided into 2 separate halls - 1042 or 1400 pallet positions available
- at the customer's request, a rack system in Hall No. 2 has been prepared
- possibility of free space at the same time

Logistics services:

- on/unloading
- storage of goods
- Ideal for low-turnover goods
- handling equipment available
- halls are not heated
Attractive location 5km from the border crossing with AT - Dolní Dvořiště.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Additional Information

Český Krumlov
Quantity of Pallets from
100 pcs
Available up to
2,400 pcs

About the Region

South Bohemia region

The South Bohemian Region is traditionally associated mainly with agriculture, but the manufacturing industry is also represented here, specifically the automotive industry and the food industry. Faurecia, DURA Automotive and Linde Pohony are represented here. According to the strategy, the region's priority sectors are biotechnology, engineering, mechatronics and the automotive and textile industries. The region also cooperates with neighboring Austria and Germany in the areas of manufacturing, services and tourism, as well as in technology transfer and education.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
120,747 sq. m.
Under Construction
40,465 sq. m.
Future Construction
374,067 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
23,021 sq. m.

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