Plzeň-městoOffer No. MM-305

Price on Request


BP15375 sq. m.10.5 mImmediately to 6 months
BP15375–2,250 sq. m.10.5 m
BP14454–2,938 sq. m.10.5 m
BP9575–3,448 sq. m.10.5 m
BP13758 sq. m.8 m
BP11771–6,281 sq. m.10.5 m
BP72,000–4,744 sq. m.10.5 mImmediately to 6 months
BP212,596 sq. m.10.5 m
BP172,667–6,844 sq. m.10.5 m
BP63,000–9,038 sq. m.10.5 m
BP43,000–7,632 sq. m.10.5 m6–12 months
BP33,000–7,613 sq. m.10.5 m
BP83,000–3,916 sq. m.10.5 m
BP23,000–14,008 sq. m.10.5 m
BP183,000–27,143 sq. m.10.5 m
BP163,000–10,217 sq. m.10.5 m
BP103,000–9,235 sq. m.10.5 m
BP13,000–14,637 sq. m.10.5 m
BP53,000–30,655 sq. m.10.5 m
Available within 6 months
5,119 sq. m.
Available from 6 months
7,632 sq. m.
Total Area
167,327 sq. m.

Additional Information



A (Logistics), A (Others)
8–10.5 m
Load Capacity
5 t/sq. m.
Direct Access, Ramp / Bridge

About the Region

Pilsen Region

Pilsen region has a 150 year long industrial and engineering tradition. Established companies like Škoda Transportation and DOOSAN are successfully manufacturing specialized products such as locomotives, trams, and turbines. It is one of the main focal points on the Czech industrial map. In the city of Pilsen, there is a large industrial zone where leading world companies such as Panasonic, Yazaki, Daikin, Fuji Koyo and ZF are located. Among the most important industries represented in the Plzeň Region are engineering, food, building materials and ceramics, energy production and distribution, and metallurgy.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
1,578,221 sq. m.
Under Construction
112,555 sq. m.
Future Construction
849,842 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
331,696 sq. m.

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