Rental of warehouse services, pallet space (Skuteč)

ChrudimOffer No. LOG-024

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Warehouse equipment: Packaging machines (palletization), Offices, Platforms, Racks
Handling: trucks, stackers
Loading / Unloading possibilities: from the side, behind-Container, From behind-Trailer
Headroom: 8 m
Total storage capacity: 1500 m2
Minimal area for rent: 1 m2
Services: Standard manipulation, Quality management, sorting, palletizing (assembling pallets), decompleting shipments and packing, goods signing, labeling, Plastic wrapping, Distribution from terminal all over the Czech Republic and abroad
Maximum pallet weight: 1000 kg
Space for storing of empty pallets: 500 m2
Types handling units: cardboard piece, palette
Types of goods to store: automotive, consumer goods, building
Additional parameters: traffic

Additional Information

Quantity of Pallets from
10 pcs
Available up to
1,200 pcs

About the Region

Pardubice region

Located in the centre of the Czech Republic, the Pardubice Region is an attractive region thanks not only to its high degree of safety, housing quality, health and life satisfaction, but also to its long industrial tradition. The dominant role in the region’s economy is played by the manufacturing industry, which is driven by enterprises buttressed by their own research. The region is home to large companies that develop, produce and sell innovative final products and are competitive on the European and global scale, as well as innovation champions among small and medium-sized enterprises with a significant proportion of their own research at the international level, particularly in radio technology, chemistry and biomedicine.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
108,916 sq. m.
Under Construction
Future Construction
64,120 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
22,390 sq. m.

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