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We offer storage capacities for storage of all kinds of goods and subsequent dispatches.

Warehouse layout and logistics center Čelákovice:
  - The location of the warehouse and the company's headquarters is 15 km east of Prague, 8 km from the highway exit
  - Shelving warehousing and warehousing - capacity up to 8,000 EUR pallets in racking system, load capacity and pallet
  - Shelf storage
  - Shipping and reception area with a capacity of up to 150 pallet spaces
  - 24-hour (non-stop) service is possible
  - Accessible loading and unloading area for trucks and passenger cars

Storage and cargo handling
· Storage areas are tempered, the minimum temperature is 15 ° C
· The warehouses are secured by electronic security and CCTV
· The warehouses also have electronic fire detection
· Packaging or repackaging,
· Folding and cellophane,
· Gluing, gluing of price tags by labeling pliers,
· Assembly and packing of goods into individual consignments, cardboard boxes and pallets, including dispatching services.

We have our own computer system tailored to manage warehouse / pallet or piece holdings. The inventory of goods through computer software, which allows you to quickly obtain information about the current warehouse status. In addition, we provide our clients with an up-to-date look at updated inventory via the Internet interface.

We ensure stocktaking, inventory and individual inventory and audits, in the presence of the customer and the commissioner.

Overview of the offered activities in points:
    unloading of goods by our personnel from the means of transport by means of handling equipment
    acceptance of goods including income control, if required (qualitative, numerical, weight control),
    manual and mechanized handling of goods inside warehouses (piece, cardboard, pallet),
    sorting and recalculation of goods according to the customer's order,
    storage of goods,
    warehousing and warehouse management using computer software with the ability to view warehouse supplies
    the goods are marked with a palette by default, the pallet and the box on the pallet are marked with the name of the goods and their batch, the stock card and the supplier,
    the possibility of using our staff in individual inventory (physical and computer) or auditing according to needs,
    assembly of goods, repackaging or insertion of new components,
    labeling and labeling,
    folding or cellophane,
    Goods take-off takes place on the basis of individual requirements,
    we carry out expeditions for e-shop sales
    we conduct B2B and B2C expeditions
    logistics operations are operated on working days from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, except for the time agreed upon.

Offer logistics services:
We offer comprehensive logistics services, B2B / B2C
Full logistics service * Cross - docking * Distribution

If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss all possibilities together!

Additional Information

Quantity of Pallets from
10 pcs
Available up to
8,000 pcs

About the Region

Central Bohemian Region

Central Bohemian region is the largest region in the Czech Republic and is economically highly interconnected to Prague. Major companies like Škoda Auto, TPCA, Valeo, Amazon, Philip Morris, Procter & Gamble, and Lego have their headquarters or operations in Central Bohemia. The region aims to be a leader in technology and innovation, attracting investments in science and research. It is the region with largest stock of modern industrial premises for lease mainly thanks to its strategic location around Prague – the largest pool of customers in the Czech Republic.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
2,787,894 sq. m.
Under Construction
207,287 sq. m.
Future Construction
548,743 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
312,360 sq. m.

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