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MostOffer No. LOG-S-049

Warehouse equipment: packaging equipment (palletizing), bar codes, chemical warehouse, offices, ramps, tempering, railway siding
Handling equipment: forklift, stacker, crane
Unloading / loading options: side, rear container, rear semi-trailer
Clear height: 10 m
Total warehouse capacity: 20,000 m2
Capacity in: 1000 pallets / day
Out capacity: 1000 pallets / day
Floor load: 5 t
Warehouse services: routine handling, quality control, sorting, electronic warehouse records, palletizing (completion of pallets), grouping, sorting of shipments, their packaging, signing of goods, labeling, foiling, delivery from the terminal throughout the Czech Republic and abroad
Pallet size: EURO, one-way, non-standard
Empty pallet storage area: up to 20,000 m2
Types of handling units: carton, piece, pallet, Big Bag, Gitter Box, Container
Types of goods stored: automotive, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, building materials, heavy engineering (materials for production)
Transport accessibility to the port: 50 km
Other parameters: customs warehouse, consignment, provision of transport

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Additional Information

Quantity of Pallets from
100 pcs
Available up to
20,000 pcs

About the Region

Ústí nad Labem Region

Ústí region is a medium size region with strategic location, as it is located on an important traffic artery connecting Prague and Dresden and is adjacent to German Saxony. Ústí region is best known for its heavy industry mainly for mining and chemical industry. There are a large number of industrial zones on the territory of the region. The Triangle Strategic Industrial Zone and the Joseph Strategic Industrial Zone can be considered the largest in terms of area and number of investors. In the territory of the Ústí Region, there are also important deposits of Lithium, which will be key for the development of electromobility.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
685,372 sq. m.
Under Construction
127,479 sq. m.
Future Construction
772,206 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
158,822 sq. m.

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