Fully automated warehouses - rent incl. logistics services - location Karlovy Vary Stará Role.

Karlovy VaryOffer No. LOG-540

We have warehouse space in Karlovy Vary, Stará Rola, about 1 km from the exit of the R6, from where the completion and delivery of your orders (including all documents at the customer's request).

Invoicing, assembly and distribution of orders, warehousing service, including non-standard operations and services (eg labeling, labeling, EAN codes or descriptions, etc ...)

We are ready for the various requirements and demands that your business brings.

We offer the following services as standard:

unloading a truck
assembly of goods
handling of goods
storage of goods in the warehouse
preparation of goods according to orders
loading on delivery vehicles
online order tracking
adding leaflets
transhipment from car to car
return receipt
tracking your inventory online
production of goods turnover statistics

Pallet storage on an area of 2,500 square meters.

Old Role

Hall A - Expedition
180 pallet places - manual assembly
35,000 boxes - in the machine
1x return station
1x dispatch station from the vending machine
8 x packing station

Hall B - reserve
720 pallet positions

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information!

Additional Information

Karlovy Vary
Quantity of Pallets from
100 pcs
Available up to
4,000 pcs

About the Region

Karlovy Vary region

Karlovy Vary region, geographically on the borders between Bohemia, Bavaria and Saxony is now facing the challenges of transforming its energy sector that heavily depends on coal to environmentaly friendly alternatives. Because of the significant coal related boom, it has one of the key stocks of brownfields suitable for industrial development within the Czech Republic. One of the most recent successful business cases is construction of BMW Group development centre in Sokolov at a site of former mining operations. Besides, the regions is well known for its glass, ceramics, porcelain and other non-metal mineral products manufacturing tradition.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
206,842 sq. m.
Under Construction
165,324 sq. m.
Future Construction
185,217 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
90,086 sq. m.

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