Warehouse leasing services, pallet locations (Břeclav)

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Warehouse equipment: tempering, WMS
Handling equipment: trucks
Unloading / loading options: side, rear-container, rear-semi-trailer
Clear height: 4 m
Total warehouse capacity: 400 m2
Free storage capacity: 100 m2
Capacity in: 1000 pallets / month
Out capacity: 1000 pallets / month
Warehouse services: common handling, sorting, electronic stock records, palletizing (pallet assembly), grouping, sorting of shipments, their packaging, signing of goods, labeling, foiling, delivery from the terminal throughout the Czech Republic and abroad
Pallet size: EURO, all ...
Maximum pallet weight: 1500 kg
Types of handling units: carton, piece, pallet
Types of goods stored: consumer goods
Other parameters: consignment, provision of transport

International and domestic transport, sea container transport, forwarding, freight forwarding, collection service and piece shipments, logistics and warehousing, online warehouses, distribution of shipments. We provide customs services and Intrastat. Complete logistics outsourcing.

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Additional Information

Quantity of Pallets from
10 pcs
Available up to
400 pcs

About the Region

South Moravian Region

South Moravia excels in innovative business, research, and development. Brno, the capital city of Moravia, is a hub of potential with its twelve universities, many successful companies and infrastructure. The region is particularly strong in progressive research in biology and medicine, supported by advanced scientific research centers like CEITEC and the ICRC. Brno has gained recognition as the "Czech Silicon Valley," particularly in the field of IT. Additionally, the region benefits from a collaborative relationship between universities, scientific centers, entrepreneurs, and public institutions, leading to enhanced competitiveness. It is the third largest region in terms of the number of industrial premises for lease.
Number of Industrial Parks
Total Area
988,317 sq. m.
Under Construction
114,582 sq. m.
Future Construction
213,125 sq. m.
Available Spaces for Lease
71,301 sq. m.

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